Digital Life For The Expat Wife - Part 7

Date Created: 10.08.2015

An Expat Wife Career


Moving to another country due to our husbands’ new job. Exciting? YES! Adventure? YES! Easy? NO! Especially if you had a great job of your own and needed to quit it and start all again. You are an expat wife now… It’s a whole different game. Now you need to find your ‘expat wife career‘ that will fit your new lifestyle.

So, after the move, we found our new home, new schools for the kids, new family doctor. Our dear husband is working already in his new job, and you need to find your new job, career and income.

I don’t know about you, for me it was the biggest challenge of all (and I had to deal with living in -10 Celsius degree also!).


The Secret Behind ‘Losing’ Your Career as an Expat Wife


A few days ago we came back home from Israel, my homeland, after a two weeks ‘vacation’. I write it with inverted commas because for me it didn’t feel like vacation. I didn’t lie on the beach drinking Margaritas. No. I’m running my butt around from one family member to another: to visit my grandma, to visit ‘his’ grandma, to catch up with a friend, to visit my brother in distant city (4 hours’ drive each direction) and on and on. By the time I came back home (Toronto, Canada) I was so exhausted that I needed a vacation :-).

But one of the most important things I did this time, was to hang out with my friend Hilly. I’ve met Hilly seven years ago, in one of the Kids TV channel that I’ve worked in. She was the Content Manager and I was the producer. We worked very closely with each other and we grew a wonderful friendship. I admire her as a person and she is a hard worker and very smart woman. I know she think the same about me. We kept our relationship beyond work hours and beyond this company and still keep in touch after I moved to Canada.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I told her that even though I love my new life in Toronto, I feel like I lost my career, my professional pass, and now it’s hard for me to put it all back on track. Her answer was a shock to me. She said: “I feel the same”. I didn’t expect her answer… Because you see, in the last few years, Hilly did so well that she became the head manager of another kids TV channel! It would seem like she got where she aimed for.

And then she explained: she is very lonely ‘up there’ at the top of her company. Most of the workers don’t like her just because she is high positioned and want to see her fall down. There are ugly intrigues inside the management and ‘to tell you the truth’ she told me, ‘most of the time I’m doing things that I don’t like. I really don’t know where I can develop and grow from here’.

Suddenly it hit me. To lose your career, it’s not just to stop going to your office and earn your income, like I’m feeling. It’s to lose what you love to do. To lose what you are good at. It’s to feel that you can do better, be more creative, contribute more, feel happier, and yes, maybe even feel like you’re worth more and can make even more money?!



Finding a New Profession


I love the opportunity to escape from all of this. The digital business is exactly the opposite. I can do what I’m good at. I don’t have any boundaries (except the ones that ‘live’ in my mind), there are no limitations to the amount of money I can earn and the best thing: I can be myself. As a matter of fact this is what will create for me all this emotional and financial freedom: to be whom I want to be.

In a previous post I wrote about why a Digital business can be perfect for you if you are an Expat (especially an Expat Mom. You can read it here).

Don’t lose yourself for anything. Start being who you are. Create your own freedom.


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