Digital Life For The Expat Wife - Part 6

Date Created: 30.06.2015

Expat Wife builds an Online business from her new location


How I have been able to build my new online digital business from my new location and use my creativity and passion to do it?  

After two years as an expat, when I couldn’t find a new job, I decided to invest in a ‘done-for-you’ business system in order to learn a new profession online. I didn’t know that after a year from the day I made this investment, I could actually stop ‘looking for my job’. Instead, I realized I had ‘created my job’ around my new life (Foreign country, 2.5 kids and a husband who is usually on business trips around the US).


Are you an expat wife and a mom?

Do you feel alone and unfulfilled after becoming an ‘expat wife’?

After the relocation, did you ‘lose your career’ that you had built back home for so many years?

Do you wish that you had more financial freedom and time so you could travel and visit your family overseas?

If you’ve answered YES, you’re in the right place.


By sharing resources, tips, skills and knowledge about the digital industry, my goal is to help you gain more freedom, flexibility and financial wealth. I will help you create passive income with your very own digital business from wherever you might be located on the globe!

But first, let me introduce the ‘done-for-you’ digital business system that is helping me to achieve all this for myself.

Any business requires an investment of time and money. An online digital business is no different. It requires hard work at the beginning, but then, it can work for you. See how.[S2]

If you know a thing or two about the digital economy, you know that now is the best time to invest in the knowledge and tools that this industry can offer.

This is why I decided to invest in a ready-to-use digital business system that I could start using right away.

Just plugged myself in and hit the road. It’s called ‘earn while you learn.’

This business system has the tools, training, resources and community to help you fast-track your success and build a profitable business from scratch! And in the meantime, I learned the digital skills that can help me leverage my professionalism online, in whatever I will choose to do: Build a website, market online in any platform that I choose, social media skills and so much more.[S3]



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This is what you will learn in the next seven days:

Video 1: Understand how you can use a ready-to-use digital business system for your own wants and needs.

Video 2: Affiliate marketing and why you don’t need a product of your own (at least at the beginning).

Video 3: No technical experience required. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to make it happen.

Video 4: List-building for profit and why this is your main thing to do starting out.

Video 5: Creating multiple income streams in your online business. You can double and triple your business any time you are ready without much extra work!

Video 6: The digital economy and why it is so important to learn how to use it. You will hear a sad story about how the corporate world is not as secure as you may think.

Video 7: Meet people who did it and are now mentoring others to create a life of freedom!


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Here’s to your success