Digital Life For The Expat Wife - Part 4

Date Created: 27.04.2015

The ‘Expat Mom’ – Become an Affiliate Marketer


The Expat Mom Story


Most of us expat moms (I know some will call us: Expat spouse, Trailing spouses – I hate these terms) found ourselves after the relocation in the position of a “stay at home Mom”.

Some of us, want and wait to be in this position, and some of us just know that it’s the right thing to do for your family after relocating. As hard as it is to start your life in a whole new place, we first feel that we need to find our new home, neighbourhood, friends, family Doctor – and then, maybe, a job and life to ourselves.

Stay at home moms would agree, in most cases, that we have a tremendously demanding job. Caring for a child full time is no joke especially when you have more than one to chase around. But despite how busy or stressful it can get, it allows us to enjoy these precious early years with the most important little people in our lives.

With the rising cost of living and especially after moving your family to the other side of the world, more expat moms that have been staying home, eventually need and want to return to the workforce. Fortunately for those who would prefer not to, there are many opportunities available now, that allow us to make money from home.


Earning an Income as a Stay at Home Mom


When considering work at home options traditional ‘home biz gigs’ might come to mind. While opportunities like these can be legitimate ways to earn decent money, they generally involve tasks that many people are just not happy to do.

On top of a start-up investment, they usually involve recruiting, planning parties, holding presentations, making calls and a lot of personal selling to be successful. Been there, tried most of it. Hated it. The personal selling for me was the worst part. Getting up in the morning and trying to convince people that my products are the best to buy – ugh!

So unless you love that sort of thing and don’t mind doing stuff like persuading family and friends to sign up and buy, you may not enjoy that kind of work.

In many cases, there’s also some involvement in managing product orders including shipping, deliveries and collecting payments. When you’re chasing kids, attending playdates, cooking meals and cleaning up, these types of gigs can defeat the purpose of staying home to care for the kids.


The Digital Economy Opportunities – Digital Business and Affiliate Marketer


Thanks to the Internet, there’s a flexible alternative to traditional work at home opportunities. The ‘Digital Economy’ is a rapidly growing global network, which will continue to see an increase in Internet shoppers and online customers.

So what is a “Digital business” and an “Affiliate Marketer”?  To put it simply, an Affiliate Marketer is like an “Internet Middleman” who promotes somebody else’s goods online. They make money when they successfully connect an online buyer with an online merchant who is already selling what the buyer needs. If a sale takes place because of the Affiliate Marketer’s efforts, then they get paid a percentage the selling price (AKA a commission).

There’s no need to buy or create products or services to sell, and there are no storage, handling or shipping issues to manage. In most cases, there’s no need to deal with customers directly, as the sales process happens through a strategically designed website and automated systems.


Digital Business and Affiliate Marketing – What Is Required?


1. Initial Money Investment

Starts up costs are relatively small compared to most traditional businesses and many of the typical overheads like insurance, a shop front or office rental simply do not apply. Your business is operated from a computer or laptop and as long as you have an Internet connection, you can work from home or anywhere you might happen to be (Cafes, the park, overseas … wherever!).


2. Technical Skills

What might surprise a lot of people is that you don’t need tech skills or experience to be successful! There are a myriad of step by step tutorials, cutting edge apps and affordable business systems nowadays that can automate almost the entire process. The key is to make the effort to get educated, learn the ropes and set up strong foundations. This will ensure that you avoid any pitfalls as well as any possible schemes or scams.


3.Working Hours

What’s even more fascinating is that it eliminates the concept of having to work full time to make a full time income. A website that’s been set up right doesn’t need constant babysitting and the Internet doesn’t close at the end of a business day. Billions of people are online looking for products and services to buy 24 hours a day, and this is why Affiliate Marketers can make money around the clock.  Their websites and systems are hard at work, whether they’re working – or not. Oh yes. You don’t have to commute anywhere doing this ‘job’.


Now just to be perfectly clear, Affiliate Marketing does require work and should not be looked at as an easy way to overnight riches. While it can make you some serious money - when done right - it does take effort and a good work ethic to be successful. People who attempt it expecting instant gratification will almost always fail.

Successful Affiliate Marketers are the ones who treat it like a serious business and understand that like with anything real, what you put in is what you get out. With the right education, tools, guidance and implementation, almost anybody who’s serious can get it running and can begin earning legitimate, dependable money.

It can also provide financial security that employment just can’t promise. The Internet isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon and because you work for yourself, you’re never at risk of losing your job.


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Good luck in whatever you choose to do