Digital Life For The Expat Wife - Part 3

Date Created: 14.04.2015

How a personal blog can really help you in your Digital business (and as an Expat…) ?


If you don’t have a personal blog – you should get one now!


I love to call it my “Digital Home”. It’s exactly like the place you are always coming back, inviting people that you love, entertain them, and share yourself with others. I look at it as a place to document my story, write down my thoughts, and network with others in the digital marketing field.

We, the ‘Expats’ always looking for ways to communicate with our love ones back at home, to share with them our new life, sites, home ,neighbourhood... A blog is a wonderful digital space tp share some of this things and also feelings, thoughts and emotions that we have in our new ‘home’.

As a ‘digital business owner’ It is also the place for you, leaders, to share your knowledge with your followers; the people that you promised to teach and help. I’m sure some of you are afraid to get started and think you have nothing to write about, but you will get better with time. The more you blog and share your story and knowledge- the better you will get. You will learn to develop your own writing style and learn to open up and share your thoughts and goals. That is what personal blog is all about.



Here are 4 things that personal blog can really help you in


1. A place to network with your audience

When you are writing interesting and helpful content, and then introduce it to your audience, you will get their attention! If you ask them questions during the blog post or leave a comment about the topic that you wrote about – then you really start to communicate with them. And communicating and sharing knowledge – That’s what the Digital business is all about.


2. You are a human being behind a computer

I don’t know about you, but I’m an extremely secretive person and it is very hard for me to uncover my true self. Of course, I had to get rid from this uncontrollability. Once I started to share who I really am and what I can really offer to people – Just so I could really start to connect with people. Sometimes we feel that it is the computer that is talking to us. Not true. It’s a human being, like you. Not a perfect one, learning all the time, and I can’t solve all your problems, but I can definitely offer solutions for some of your problems. A human being just like you. A blog is also good ‘personal branding’. People want to know your story. People are much more prone to buying things you create when they know who you are. They want to know if you’re the real deal or just make crazy claims.


3. A place to share your knowledge and experience and enlarge your credibility

I think that this is the most important factor for a personal blog. This is the virtual ‘place’ where I invite you, my audience, to learn more about what I do, what I have tried and how it can help you in your own business. I’m a great believer in sharing EVERYTHING that you know. We are not in the times where people hide information. You can get any information that you want with a quick search on Google. Usually for free. Your power is not about the ‘exclusiveness” of your knowledge, but about your experience and how you organize and deliver this knowledge to your audience. A blog also builds credibility. The longer you go, the more your blog will pay you back. When people do some research on you because you’re selling an E-course they may google your name and come across your blog. If they search through your blog and see you have hundreds of posts with good content they are going to trust you a lot more than if you had nothing to back up your claims. A blog is definitely the place to write and advertise everything you know.


4. A blog will help you network with other people in your niche

This is great way to communicate and join forces with your colleagues. I always say that Digital business, in any niche, can be a very lonely journey. But not if you’re sharing your questions and experience with other business owners! When you approach people for interviews and joint ventures it helps to have a blog or something you can reference to show you actually are involved and producing quality content in your niche. 


You are probably telling yourself: “but I have just started! I don’t have anything to share!”. WRONG. Even to start documenting your journey with your new business now will help other people. You don’t have to be making $15k a month to have a personal blog. Actually, I think it’s better if you’re just starting out to document your journey now, including what doesn’t work. People don’t just want to read about how you succeeded at everything. They want to know about your failures and how you overcame the struggle. This motivates them and keeps them going. 


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