Digital Life For The Expat Wife - Part 2

Date Created: 30.03.2015

6 Basic Steps: How to Start a Digital Business.

I learned how to start a digital business from lots of sleepless nights, lost money and countless obstacles. This is why I can tell you now: It’s not an easy but so rewarding journey. The financial and emotional freedom that you gain are so sweet and cheerful that, for me, it’s absolutely worth it.

Taking care of two small children, Noya (4.5) and Romy (2.5) and pregnant with my third kid (coming in August 2015 :-)) I just can’t see myself going on a regular ‘9-5 job’.

Put on top of that the fact that my husband is away for business trips at least once in two weeks – to make an income from home - it’s a must for me.

How to start? Learn and join a system that works already. This is why I highly recommended for everyone who is interested in starting a Digital business to check about the six figure Mentors option.  You can use their platform and system and still earn money even as a ‘newbie’. But do your research first. Don’t jump into new opportunities without checking if it fits you!

And aside from this, I wrote these 6 steps that could and will save you lots of headaches, time and money when you are starting out your Digital business.   Read on!!


Step 1: Change the way You Think

It’s no secret that successful people think differently from unsuccessful people. I have known this piece of information since I was young, just didn’t know what to do with it and how to change the way I think. So I chose to ignore it. Bad decision. You should ‘work’ on you mindset before you do anything.

From a child, you’re taught to grow up and get a job. You learn this from your parents, school and college. The normal person is conditioned to the 9-5 mindset where you wake up early, punch a clock and take a vacation when the boss says you can.

As an entrepreneur you have to learn self-discipline. Keep yourself motivated and push yourself through mental barriers. Learn to stretch your mind and truly believe that if someone else is capable of making hundreds and thousands of dollars online, so can you.

Your ability to shut out negative thinking and keep moving forward regardless of the outcome will make you or break you.

Where you can ‘upgrade’ you mind to an ‘Entrepreneurial mind’? Start with books like:

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

Check your podcast store for the best motivational podcasts out there

Listen and read this books/podcast whenever you can.


Step 2: Plan for Success

Failure is just not an option. There is no plan B.

Believe me, I’m all for speed of implementation and taking action, but without a real plan you’re barking at the wrong tree. You need to have a business plan, and that means simply to decide on one business model and stick to it, until it will get you results (see no 3).

It doesn’t matter what and how you choose to implement your on-line business, Just make sure: You plan to success and you do it until you have have results. To fail is not an option.

Whenever I feel down or ‘it’s never going to work’ kind of thoughts, I ask myself this question: Are there people around you that are doing it and earn a good income from the internet?

If the answer is “yes” (And in my case, being part of the Six Figure Mentors community, the answer is ‘hell yes’!), so I can do it too. It’s just a matter of keep doing and learning what it take until it will work for me too.

You can never say: “It’s not working” if it is working for someone else… 


Step 3: Stick with one business model until it will get you the results you want

Choose one business model and work hard until it will give you the results you want. You can’t jump from business model to another (affiliate to coaching services, for example) and expect to successful in both of them in a few month. You have to start with something that is easy for you, be good at it, get the results you want (income per month for example) and then explore yourself to others options of making money on-line.


Step 4: create your subscribers list and the relationship with them from day one

It’s the best advice that I got from the Six Figure Mentors and I can tell you, that it is the best advice I can give you.

You don’t know it yet, but the relationship with your subscribers is the key to your future income. This is the foundation of your business and you will have to master in generating leads and than provide a great value to them, that they will eventually want your help and approach you with what you have to offer.

This is your biggest accent in your business, and this is how you need to treat it.


Step 5: pick one mentor and follow him

Like a business model, you need to pick a mentor and learn all you can learn from him.

It will do you only good NOT to sign up to all the On-line ‘gurus’ out there. Stick to one or two. Everyone has its own techniques and knowledge and it will get you confused to follow more than two.


Step 6: Keep it simple

This is the number one rule that almost everyone starting out (including me) is fail in. We over complicated things, we don’t follow the simple instructions, we are doing not the ‘money producing activities’ and we … fail.

Every time I had a miss in my business, I knew it’s because I over complicated things.

So try to keep it simple. In a very early stage you know already what you should and shouldn’t do. So try to stay focus.


Here’s to your success in whatever you choose to achieve in your life.

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