Benefits of an Expat Posting for Children

Date Created: 03.02.2014

Benefits of an Expat Posting for Children

Staff at St. John’s International School recently asked expat parents and their children, all high school students, what they expect to be the main benefits of the current expat assignment for their children.

Expat assignments are excellent opportunities for advancing a career and for families to experience a different lifestyle in a foreign country, but what are the benefits for children?


Parents and students were polled separately.


Parent responses:


The respondents were asked to provide up to 3 answers. More than 66% of parents named cultural awareness as the main benefit of the family’s expat assignment. Second was learning other languages (52%) followed by traveling to different countries (46%).
Parents also see personality and character development as an important benefit of living abroad for a period of time. Having kids experience an international education during the posting is seen by more than 37% as a benefit for the children, while more than 35% agree that the opportunity to see new and exciting experiences is an advantage for their kids. Last in the list in an increased family bond, often mentioned as a result of an expat posting but not seen as one of the main benefits by parents in this survey.
Student responses:
While cultural awareness and traveling to different countries are the top 2 answers in the student survey, just like in the parent survey, the students actually put an international education in third place and see it as a bigger benefit of an expat posting than their parents do!
Students provided some interesting comments related to being an expat child, including “learning to be open to people with a different background” and “Understanding the world from a subjective point of view because even through you have a home country, it's not where your home is, so you don't have a sense of loyalty to it when looking at the world”

Marcia de Wolf