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Posted On:- 14.12.2015


Start A Digital Income As An Expat. It’s Like Riding A Bike


Posted On:- 26.11.2015

Thanksgiving. The quintessentially American holiday. Family. Turkey. Pumpkin pie. Football. Macy’s Parade.

Posted On:- 11.11.2015

A new skill for expats in the Netherlands:

Posted On:- 31.10.2015

And so we find ourselves again at the end of October.

Posted On:- 10.08.2015

An Expat Wife Career


Posted On:- 04.08.2015

When we bought our house we did lots of calculations to ensure we could afford the house.

Posted On:- 23.07.2015

March 2008 will be etched on the memories of many people for all the wrong reasons.

Posted On:- 09.07.2015

We often get asked if a property is leasehold or freehold - those terms as such don’t exist in Spain. Effectively all individual properties are own

Posted On:- 30.06.2015

Expat Wife builds an Online business from her new location


Posted On:- 26.06.2015

With no keyholders we contacted the lady we had met in October 2011. Her business was going well and she would be happy to meet us in February.

Posted On:- 19.06.2015

So our holiday in October 2011 didn’t get off to a very good start, sacking the keyholders in the first couple of days.

Posted On:- 16.06.2015

The Answer to this Question is Key

Posted On:- 11.06.2015

How your Passion can bring you a Passive Income On-line.

Your passion.

What are you passionate about?

Posted On:- 06.06.2015

Keyholding is both the most important part of a successful rental and the most frustrating part of your rental!  When we first bought the house a l

Posted On:- 02.06.2015

How to make the best of your first impressions


Posted On:- 26.05.2015

Uneasy about a big move abroad?  Don't worry, you're not alone.

Posted On:- 20.05.2015

Taxation is always a tricky subject.

Posted On:- 18.05.2015

Five Challenges In Your Expat Life And How To Overcome Them


Posted On:- 15.05.2015

This blog series is based on work by writer Diane Lemieux and trainer Anne Parker in their book The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywh

Posted On:- 14.05.2015

Dave had worked in the boat hire business and in a four star hotel. We’ve stayed in great hotels and rented cottages and villas ourselves.

Posted On:- 06.05.2015

So with the first bookings in the diary we sent our son and his girlfriend out to the house in the Easter uni break to try out the house.  We arran

Posted On:- 05.05.2015

Retired Expat Network member Colin Guest recalls his time living and working in Turkey

Posted On:- 29.04.2015

I could write a book on this one!  Perhaps the most common error is buying in the wrong place.

Posted On:- 27.04.2015

The ‘Expat Mom’ – Become an Affiliate Marketer


Posted On:- 23.04.2015

….falls mainly in the mountains!  Don’t be fooled into thinking that all Spain is wonderfully warm in winter.  There are ski resorts in the south o

Posted On:- 21.04.2015

Author Oscar Reynard and his French wife have lived mainly in the UK, but over forty years have spent long periods in France on business and at

Posted On:- 15.04.2015

So, you have managed to save / beg / inherit / borrow for the dream holiday home in the sun and you have settled on Spain as your location.  What n

Posted On:- 09.04.2015

We arrived for February half term week 2007 with giant bags; you could still fly with 25kg bags then without penalties.  We had sourced loads of di

Posted On:- 01.04.2015

Despite my parents, Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather and his partner Doreen having lived in Spain for many years, (in the case of Doreen and her children,

Posted On:- 30.03.2015

6 Basic Steps: How to Start a Digital Business.

Posted On:- 27.03.2015

A dinner guest sent us a thank you email the other day and added:

Posted On:- 23.03.2015

The morning of Thursday 19th October 2006 dawned bright and early for us.  Together with our youngest son we headed south with smile on our faces a

Posted On:- 16.03.2015

'Digital life for the expat wife' - It’s about earning more, while working less and finally enjoying your ne

Posted On:- 04.03.2015

20th October 2006 was my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary.  It was planned for ourselves, our youngest and my sister and brother-in-law to spend

Posted On:- 25.02.2015

It took three days but eventually the agent talked the vendor into accepting our offer.

Posted On:- 18.02.2015

After our high flying escapade at the Terra Natura we moved to the neighbouring aqua park.  We had booked a session entitled ‘swimming with sharks’

Posted On:- 13.02.2015

I did it! I got a primary school teaching job in Asia. My first overseas position.

Posted On:- 11.02.2015

We had a family trip to Terra Natura in Benidorm.  We walked around the safari area, divided into the continents of Europe, Asia and America. 

Posted On:- 04.02.2015

With the house near former work colleagues still in our mind we started the final day of this search.  We had come over to Spain for a two week hol

Posted On:- 28.01.2015

The decision to buy a house when we did was actually our 25th wedding anniversary present to each other, so losing our first choice of present was

Posted On:- 21.01.2015

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men… The offer was accepted on our ‘perfect’ house.  We signed various agreements and

Posted On:- 14.01.2015

We started looking mainly at 2 bedroom apartments and townhouses, large enough to accommodate a sofa bed in the lounge and for six people to be abl

Posted On:- 22.12.2014

So we found ourselves back on the coast.  We figured if we were going to buy in the ‘concrete jungle’ then we wanted to be sure we were buying the

Posted On:- 08.12.2014

Thinking the coast ‘concrete jungle’, where the infamous and numerous cranes dotted the sky-line telling of more building, was perhaps not for us w

Posted On:- 03.12.2014

When I move to a new country, the space that I will call ‘home’ only feels homey once the boxes are unpacked and my belongings have each found thei

Posted On:- 29.11.2014

Leaving Torrevieja we came to one of the newest town on the coast – Orihuela Costa.  As we drove down the hill the houses spread out before us.  Th

Posted On:- 24.11.2014

My son, Alex, was back from boarding school last week.

Posted On:- 19.11.2014

We drove past the ‘pink’ lake, salt mountains piled next to it waiting to be loaded onto the conveyer belt that passes under the road and the build

Posted On:- 27.10.2014

On 25 July, news broke of the Ebola death of a Liberian man in Lagos.

Posted On:- 22.10.2014

I suppose in size and style the towns of Torrevieja in the southern Costa Blanca and Calpe in the northern Costa Blanca are similar.  Both towns or

Posted On:- 15.10.2014

After Guardamar de Segura the N332 coast road took us past yet more pine woods, more open land, the mountains visible but not too close.  I had nev

Posted On:- 09.10.2014

Our first sight of the Alicante region heading south from Alicante airport was so different from everything I knew about Spain.  Passing Santa Pola

Posted On:- 03.10.2014

‘The trains aren’t running and I can’t miss my connection or I’ll lose my job.’

Posted On:- 01.10.2014

Although I had visited different parts of Spain during my childhood, my husband Dave had never been there until the year after my parents made the

Posted On:- 23.09.2014

Home to big buildings, communities and cultures from all around the world, Dubai is the place to be.

Posted On:- 19.09.2014

Six years ago, Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker met at a global mobility fair in the Netherlands.

Posted On:- 08.09.2014

Today is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month – and this year a harvest moon to boot!

Posted On:- 03.09.2014

According to 2010 data, millions of American homeowners received a foreclosure notice.

Posted On:- 01.09.2014

Many people dream of setting up a business overseas, only to find that dream trickier to realise than they had anticipated.

Posted On:- 27.08.2014

Our neighbours, J and K decided to declare the village of Nezichov an independent state (Anybody seen the old film "Passport to Pimlico"?).

Posted On:- 18.08.2014

Most people think of culture shock in psychological terms, which allows them to view it as a mental inadequacy.  This explains why some pe

Posted On:- 15.08.2014

Entering the Jungle

Posted On:- 13.08.2014

Zoos, Penang and Locals.

Posted On:- 06.08.2014

Apparently all foreign tourists staying at hotels must give the hotel their passport details and addresses and the h

Posted On:- 30.07.2014

Be wary of Shanghai

Posted On:- 28.07.2014

We wanted most of the building work finished by May 8th but May 8th is a national holiday to celebrate 1945, the day

Posted On:- 21.07.2014

On the Easter Monday I went with Radka's family to Skupec to be presented to the rest of the family at her grandmoth

Posted On:- 18.07.2014

You notice a solitary box of kara-age perching vulnerably on a shelf, inclining forwards seductively and glistening

Posted On:- 16.07.2014

Moving abroad can be a daunting prospect, especially for first time emigrants - and this big step can seem even more

Posted On:- 14.07.2014

With the recent economic problems suffered by some countries, there have been opportunities to purchase properties in those countries at very cheap

Posted On:- 11.07.2014

Planning a bilingual education

Posted On:- 10.07.2014

Warning over electronic devices


Posted On:- 09.07.2014

The B&B was a company structure and I wanted to buy out my business partner.

Posted On:- 07.07.2014

It seems simple, right? Live your life – if you need money, go earn money. If you want to travel, go travel.

Posted On:- 04.07.2014

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arabic countries that give paramount importance to its culture and religious beliefs.

Posted On:- 30.06.2014

In 1999 I bought an old ruin in a village called Nežichov, near Karlovy Vary, in the Czech Republic and started to c

Posted On:- 27.06.2014

You might be thinking that working your own way up the work ladder is the best way to improve your job prospects, lif

Posted On:- 23.06.2014

Thailand is currently one of the hottest travel destinations on the planet, particularly for backpackers or budget tr

Posted On:- 16.06.2014

We arrived at Schiphol airport the following morning around 11h00, but could only collect the dogs about 5 hours late

Posted On:- 13.06.2014

Hot summers, cooler winters but sunshine almost every day.

Posted On:- 10.06.2014

There are two types of ‘expatriate’ parents out there today – those who were globally mobile children themselves, and those who are taking the leap

Posted On:- 03.06.2014

Nelson Mandela once said of education it is the most powerful weapon anyone wishing to change the world can use.

Posted On:- 02.06.2014

I sit by the pool sipping mojitos, taking a dip when it takes my fancy, waving indulgently at my two children as they splash each other and giggle

Posted On:- 01.06.2014

Many women and some men are occasionally confronted with a hard choice: stay in their home country while their partner works abroad, or follow the

Posted On:- 27.05.2014

For the dogs' flights, we initially thought we would and could do everything ourselves, including taking them to the airport on the day of their fl

Posted On:- 19.05.2014

A personal account of the logistics and emotions associated with relocating man's best friends.

Posted On:- 12.05.2014

Expats are well known for their love affairs with other countries.

Posted On:- 09.05.2014

Getting an English Teaching Job in China

Posted On:- 06.05.2014

The road to successful expat-hood is a long, if adventurous, one, with many potential hurdles along the way.

Posted On:- 28.04.2014

Not knowing the local culture can cost you serious time, money, and embarrassment.

Posted On:- 17.04.2014

Do you know you want to take a gap year but aren’t quite sure where to go, or what to

Posted On:- 09.04.2014

Living as an expat exposes the individual to many more dangers than a simple holidaymaker.

Posted On:- 07.04.2014

The Changing World of Work and Accompanying Partner Support

Posted On:- 04.04.2014

We all take photographs when we travel – some of us a lot more than others – what do you ‘see’ where you

Posted On:- 31.03.2014

"Career Capital."

Posted On:- 21.03.2014

Over the past few weeks the pupils of Years 5 and 6 Brighton College Abu Dhabi have been focusing on their entrepreneurship skills to fundraise for

Posted On:- 17.03.2014

"If only I’d known then what I know now" is not something I say often, partly because I don’t believe in crying over spilt milk and

Posted On:- 10.03.2014

We often get asked where to visit in Brazil, after all, it’s a massive country so difficult to know where to get started.

Posted On:- 07.03.2014

I have lived in Bangkok now for 18 months.

Posted On:- 28.02.2014

I work as a 2nd mate on offshore vessels in the

Posted On:- 25.02.2014

Rip Van Winkle was an amiable, somewhat lazy man. His neighbors – especially the children – loved him.

Posted On:- 17.02.2014

In a 2013 article on Forbes called  “Enter the First Globals” a poll found that more than 1/3 of Gen Y thought they would live and work in

Posted On:- 14.02.2014

Moving Hoover The Basset Hound

Posted On:- 10.02.2014

I wait at a red light, eager to drive through Paris. The light turns green but before I can accelerate, the man behind me honks.

Posted On:- 03.02.2014

Benefits of an Expat Posting for Children

Posted On:- 31.01.2014

Based on Chinese legends and myths, the beginning of the Chinese new year started with a fight against the mythical

Posted On:- 30.01.2014

It is Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) and this year we are celebrating the year of the horse!  It is one of the 12year cycle of animals in th

Posted On:- 27.01.2014

No matter how excited you may be at the prospect of the adventure ahead of you, taking the decision to move to live in a new country heralds a majo

Posted On:- 24.01.2014

So you’re looking to find an expat job abroad, or some kind of work opportunity overseas, but you have no idea where

Posted On:- 17.01.2014

Leuphana University, located in Lüneburg, Germany, is one of the most reputable and famous of the universities in Ni

Posted On:- 13.01.2014

How do you take care of your family’s health when planning an assignment abroad?

Posted On:- 06.01.2014

China – one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the world’s most populated country, and a country often misunderstood by expats

Posted On:- 02.01.2014

I once worked for a German publisher here in the States.

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Posted On:- 16.12.2013

Terry Waite CBE Visits Hillcrest International Schools - Nairobi.

Posted On:- 09.12.2013

My family just returned from living in London for two years.

Posted On:- 02.12.2013

This weekend's New York Times ran a Travel section article about apps that can make travel easier.

Posted On:- 25.11.2013

‘Area Orientation Tours’ are accompanied, customised visits that offer a detailed overview of life in a new destination.

Posted On:- 18.11.2013

I moved to France on a beautiful sunny day in early June.  My forever home was a two hundred year old, stone built Norman farmhouse, with numerous

Posted On:- 13.11.2013

Some thoughts on language from a British ex-pat living in the US:

Posted On:- 04.11.2013

In 1996 I took a role in California in a company providing HR services across the US accompanied by my wife Judith and Jen (9 years old) and Rob (6

Posted On:- 30.10.2013

Finding Adventure, Accommodation and Work in Paris - Part Two

Posted On:- 15.10.2013

Finding Adventure, Accommodation and Work In Paris - Part One

Posted On:- 11.10.2013

When summer rolls around, maybe you’re thinking about the warm weather and beach season ahead – but others are thinking of something else.

Posted On:- 02.10.2013

World of Expats are pleased to share News for International AutoSource.  On a recent trip to the Philippines, the company were able to make a chari

Posted On:- 01.10.2013

1. Costa Rica

Posted On:- 25.09.2013
1. Avoiding local culture.  
Posted On:- 25.09.2013

My name is Nigel Ayres and I am the founder of World of Expats.

Posted On:- 01.03.2013

Building more retirement properties in the UK would free up more than three million homes, offering a lifeline to families desperate to move up the

Posted On:- 01.02.2013

Some 87% of tenants in the UK say they are pers