Why Australia?

Whether you are looking just to travel or change what you call home Australia is the perfect place. With its vast and varied landscape, Australia has something to offer to everyone. It’s prosperous economy means vibrant cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have a large number of well paid job opportunities. In addition to this, Australia’s famous outback is always in need of an extra pair of hands to help cultivate land, work with animals or build. However, with all these great opportunities on offer, it is no wonder that these jobs are in high demand, and securing one is not always easy.


How to work and live in Australia?

Although securing a job in Australia is not always easy, there are companies such as Invasion jobs that can guarantee you a job before you even arrive in the country or whilst you are living there. Companies like this take you through the interview process and if you qualify, set you up with jobs in two of Australia’s most iconic locations, Sydney and the Outback, for a minimum of three months. Securing a job in Sydney is a great opportunity to earn enough money to travel the rest of this vast and diverse country. More importantly, securing a job in the Outback can be vital if you are looking to stay in Australia for over a year.

Like many other people, after spending a year in Australia, you may find yourself falling in love with the country and searching for a way to secure a longer visa. However, as according to Australian Immigration Law, visitors wanting to stay longer than 12 months are required to work for a minimum of 88 days in the Agricultural industry. Thus, securing a job doing this through a company such as invasion ensures you have what is needed to live in Australia for at least another year.

What are the benefits?

As competition to live and work in Australia is so high, securing yourself a job before you have even entered the country is guaranteed to give you peace of mind. Working in Australia increases your chances of settling into your surroundings at a much faster pace than if you were just travelling. Not only will you meet more people, but, it will help you develop a good knowledge of your local area and the country’s culture. In addition to this, having a job ensures you have a consistent income, one that you could potentially use to see the rest of Australia’s sights such as Bondi Beach and Ayers Rock.


Australia. Submitted by Invasion Jobs.