The American Women's Club of Amsterdam

The American Women's Club of Amsterdam (AWCA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization providing friendship and support for American women, as well as non-American women with close ties to the United States, who are living in the Netherlands.  The AWCA helps in facilitating the integration into the Dutch community.

Founded in 1927, the AWCA now has Members from the Amsterdam, 't Gooi, and Haarlem areas.  Newcomers are always welcome to attend!  Gatherings of various kinds are held in each of our three regional areas, making it easier for Members to get involved in their local communities.  As an AWCA Member, you will have the opportunity to take part in classes and lectures, community service projects, newcomer activities, cultural events, tours, day and evening social events, and of course, the expected cup of coffee and friendly laughter.

Club Location (City):