Press Releases

15 May 2015

After an election in the UK in which the subjects of mass immigration and Scottish independence featured prominently, not to mention controversially, a leading expert on expatriation has called the debates “one-dimensional”.

8 July 2014

Deaths through medical error and a failure to get the right treatment occur in every country and studies vary in their assessment of how many occur.  There is also limited evidence of the main causes of those errors.   Information is clearly vital in effective healthcare and the lack of such information can be a major cause of misdiagnosis or of people not accessing the right treatment from the appropriate specialist.  

24 June 2014

Films like the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel are indeed reflections of what is happening globally: older people are moving to countries that are warmer and cheaper than their own. Northern Europeans are particularly attracted by the proposition of moving somewhere with sunshine and warm nights. Living abroad also makes increasing economic sense for British retirees...

12 June 2014

More and more of us are being attracted by the expat lifestyle. Here Nigel Ayres from World of Expats shares his top tips for making the move abroad.This increasingly connected world offers opportunities for you to spend time in other countries at any stage of your career. It could be as part of a decision to live a di!erent lifestyle or in preparation for retirement.

21 May 2014

With less than a month to go before the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, football fans are limbering up for a summer of Latin football. A lucky few are jetting off to South America but most will be watching on television. So is international football a good chance for colleagues to bond and enjoy friendly rivalry? Or is it a distraction from work with employees turning up bleary-eyed after staying up into the early hours to catch the action. Business editor Finn Scott-Delany spoke to businesspeople about their thoughts on work and the beautiful game.