About Us

World of Expats: Expert and Expat Advice at Every Stage of Your Journey

Launched in July 2013, worldofexpats.com seeks to be The First Destination for Expats. Our unique combination of expert and expat information, advice and practical guidance is there to support expats at every stage of their experience, aimed at those planning to become expats, existing expats and those returning home. Our multi-channel approach includes: our website, with its wide range of expat tools and services, our supporting social media structure and a series of major events aimed at the global mobile worldwide,  held in major cities in the US and the UK, social networking and our mobile App. We offer over 5,000 pages of comprehensive information covering 177 destinations, and expect to become the leading expat information portal.


World of Expats is run by Nigel Ayres, co-founder of The Forum for Expatriate Management, totallyexpat.com, a global community of professionals involved in managing international corporate assignee programs. Nigel has spent his whole life travelling, from his early days as the son of an RAF Officer moving every three years through to his professional life where he has travelled extensively on business and has lived and worked as an expatriate in Hong Kong, Malaysia and twice in California in the USA.   He is supported in the business by his wife, Judith, who has accompanied him on most of the overseas assignments experiencing many of the joys and challenges of living the expat life.

World of Expats is partnering with Living Abroad , leading provider of destination information and other services to the global mobility market.   Michael Cadden and Cathy Heyne, the leadership team of Living Abroad, are actively involved in the business bringing their considerable experience of the global mobility market to support the development of the services provided by World of Expats.
Our destination guides are available to help you orientate yourself prior to your relocation, together with all with the information you need to plan your move.  We include advice that will help you choose where to live, get connected to essential services, identify options for educating any accompanying family, understand local finance and healthcare arrangements, build awareness of local customs and business practices and manage everyday living issues.